About Mark Hanson

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About Mark

I have seen a lot of styles throughout my career especially during the seven years I spent living in New York City, the style capitol of the Universe, but since moving back to the seacoast area in 2005 I started traveling the world. From Paris, France to Florence, Italy and Amsterdam to Barcelona, Spain and more recently after visiting Rio de Janeiro I have realized that precision haircuts are becoming more and more popular once again.

Texturizing is just a fancy way of saying thinning, using thinning sheers during certain haircuts can give a messy look a bit of style but it's not for everyone. The Vidal Sassoon style of precision haircutting has long been my favorite style of cutting hair. Precision styles hold their shape better and longer therefore the clients gets more of what they are paying for. Oh sure the "texturized" young rebellious look is fun if your young and rebellious but how long does that last?

It's really simple. If you want to look and feel good about yourself find a haircut that looks great on you. If you're still hanging on to that same look you've had since high school then maybe it's time to come in to see me!